Posted by: desireresorts | June 5, 2008


Finally … the Swing Lifestyle has been recognized! When the television series “Swingtown” has its premiere on June 5, viewers can expect to see some pretty far-fetched scenes in the first episode: a ménage à trois; a high school junior smoking pot and later flirting with her English teacher; the flagrant enjoyment of quaaludes and cocaine; and the sight of the neighborhood scold unwittingly stumbling upon a groaning and slithering orgy. “Why don’t you kick your shoes off, Mom, and join the party?” is how a middle-aged participant, clad only in mutton chops, says hello.

WOW, where in the world did they get this from?We have spoken to many swingers from the 70’s and what was then called “Key Parties,” where as the house keys were all tossed in a single pile on the floor and picked at random, but involving the kids and drugs has never really been part of the picture in a big way. There has always been some “pot” adding some sensation to sexual activity and the rich and famous like to snort cocaine from hot looking boobs and flat stomachs, but other than these few exposed star images, drugs are not really a part of the swing lifestyle. We have been at swinger events for 15 years and the most we have seen is some pot.

With that said, SWINGTOWN will bring a new light to the swing lifestyle …. Aka “The Lifestyle.” Mostly behind closed doors and growing in popularity in the past 15 years by the escapades on television of Hedonism II “Toga Parties” on 20-20, now “the Lifestyle” is out in the open and for millions of CBS television viewers to see. This may just launch the swing lifestyle to a whole new era! The swing lifestyle has been growing in popularity every year, especially with the younger crowd easily accepting and condoning female bisexuality. In most of the swinger crowds, female bisexuality is very much a part of the lifestyle and widely accepted. Male bisexuality however holds a different standard and is generally not accepted by most participants.

SWINGTOWN should in fact increase the demand on “Lifestyle-Friendly” resorts like Desire Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico, Desire Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas , and the Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica. These very popular adult resorts cater to the promiscuous, hedonistic adult lifestyle, where adult can come out and be “wicked for a week” as they say at Hedonism. Desire Resort & Spa in Puerto Morales/Cancun is one of the classiest adult resorts on the market and in our opinion, does the best job of satisfying the needs of the adult sensual crowd. Nobody wants to think about their parents having sex, but hey, we all got here somehow.



  1. Our DVR is already set so we don’t miss an episode!

  2. We think this is GREAT someone is finally doing a piece on “The Lifestyle.” Too bad they choose the 70’s because things are so much different today with “same room sex,” whereas most of the events in my parents day were “separate room sex.” We will all be watching tonight, this should be fun!

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